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We Want to be Your Dentist!

Welcome to Newton Dental Wellness, your trusted family, cosmetic and holistic dentists serving the Boston and Metrowest communities. We are a comprehensive dental practice featuring two talented and gentle dentists-Dr. Michaela DeSantis and Dr. Shruti Panjini, as well as our team of helpful and knowledgeable staff. 

Yes, you can have a healthy smile!

Tooth pain, broken teeth, missing teeth are all causes for stress, loss of work days, inability to chew favorite foods and get proper nutrition.  Bleeding gums, loose teeth, bad breath can be signs of more serious issues such as gum disease and bone loss.  Missing teeth, stained fillings, tooth decay, loose or worn dentures can prevent someone from smiling, laughing or even speaking in public. Sensitive teeth can deter people from enjoying cold foods, ice cream and even brushing.  Those old silver fillings that have been serving you for 30 years may be actually seeping decay and cracking your teeth and unless treated early enough one can end up needing a crown or root canal.  Grinding and clenching cause in many people headaches, tight jaws, sore teeth, sore gums, sensitive teeth, cracked teeth and tooth structure loss.  People may be afraid of going to the dentist because of they are afraid of pain, of being judged, or cost.  

Dentistry has come a long way.  

We now offer wonderful options to replace missing teeth-such as implants, dental bridges and even very attractive partial dentures.  You don't have to suffer in pain-we, dentists today, have the ability to relieve pain and help you keep your teeth and save your smile-without pain and suffering!  We can easily and conservatively treat sensitive teeth so you can enjoy your ice cream and ice cold drinks.  Worn and old dentures can be replaced or relined to help them feel secure and beautiful.  Old failing silver fillings can now be replaced with long lasting white fillings and save yourself from spending so much money on expensive crowns.  Tooth decay can be stopped in its tracks so it doesn't further damage teeth. Gum disease can be prevented, stopped and treated-the earlier, the better.  

You can protect your teeth and your TMJs from the effects of teeth grinding by wearing a properly fitted night guard.  Did you know that there is not one kind that fits all?  Those with muscle pain versus those with TMJ damage are certainly treated differently.  Did your previous night guard not fit you well or is not comfortable for you to wear?  Ask us-we can either adjust it or offer you several other options and we will not give up on you.

Crowns have seen signficant technological advancements these past few years.  Porcelain crowns (such as zirconia) are beautiful and long lasting.  But did you know that they must be carefully constructed and even polished so they can last a long time?  At Newton Dental Wellness our dentists take pride in creating beautifully fitting crowns.  

Yes, kids can have a wonderful and fun experience at the dentist!

Dental phobias often start in childhood.  An unpleasant or rough experience, painful treatment, lots of cavities can unfortunately cause a child to perhaps fear the dentist later in life.  Cavities can cause pain, early tooth loss, shifted dentition.  We believe that kids should have an awesome experience at the dentist!!  We recommend that children be seen very early-even at age one.  Why?  Because seeing a dentist early on has the benefit of significantly preventing early caries, addressing habits, and ensuring that each visit is fun.  We have games and movies on the ipad, lots of goodies, and genuinely caring doctors and staff who are commited to ensuring a great appointment for your children.  


Natural and Beautiful-a perfect match

Are you concerned with chemicals in dental materials and kids' sealants, leaching mercuring into your system, swallowing mercury during your filling removal, BPA in dental materials and a possible link with breast cancer?  Do you prefer to first start with something mild and natural?  Do you go to great lengths to feed your family organic and healthy foods, keep a healthy life style and a fluoride free home?  

At Newton Dental Wellness we take your concerns seriously.  We are by default fluoride free, mercury free and latex free.  We offer BPA free fillings, dental sealants and other materials.  We, too, are very concerned with unecessary radiation and we have minimized exposure to our patients by using digital xrays and customizing our recommendations.  We follow a strict amalgam removal protocol which can be tailored to your needs.  We offer naturopathic remedies as a first line of defense and have minimized antibiotic prescription usage.



Whether you are in need of routine dental care such as a dental cleaning and a checkup, natural dentistry or more advanced care such as implants, dentures, crowns, we deliver dental care in a warm and caring environment. Come on in today so we can get started. You are going to love your smile!

We want to be your Newton dentist! Dr. Michaela DeSantis and Dr. Shruti Panjini are accepting new patients and we would be honored to have the opportunity to care for your smile. Please contact Newton Dental Wellness today to schedule your appointment. We look forward to getting to know you.